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Marine Gas Certificates, Appliances & Fitting for Boats

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Active Gas Services is an authorised marine gas fitting provider & gas safety inspection company servicing the Brisbane suburbs, Redlands, Logan City and Bayside areas.

We are one of the very few companies in South-East Queensland authorised to perform marine gas fitting, due to the strict regulations of the Australian Standard AS5601 (which covers the location of gas cylinders, installation of gas appliances, and ventilation requirements in marine craft).

Our marine gas services include:

  • New Boat Gas Installation

    We are fully licensed to safely install marine LP gas systems, hot water heaters, gas appliances, boat stove tops, cooktops and boat barbeque grills onto new marine vessels.

  • Gas Compliance Certificate

    Are you planning to sell your marine craft?
    Any boat containing gas equipment must have a current gas certifcate when its ownership is transferred.
    If you are selling your own vessel privately then it is your responsibility to obtain a gas safety certificate 3 months prior to the ownership transfer.

    Active Gas services is a licensed to issue gas certificates to the Australian safety standard. As part of the certification we inspect and leak test your LP gas system and gas appliances for compliance to all recognised Australian gas safety regulations.

  • Gas Safety Inspection

    When was the last time you checked your LPG Gas installation?
    Make sure your marine craft is safe and complies with Australian safety standards and have your vessel inspected by our licensed gas fitters.

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