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Gas Certificates for Brisbane Caravans & Motorhomes

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Caravan Gas Certificates & Gas Fitting

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Active Gas Services is a fully licensed caravan, campervan and motorhome gas fitting service.

We offer gas appliances, installation, repair and gas safety inspections for all recreational vehicles in the Brisbane Suburbs, Redlands, Bayside and Logan City areas.
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Our caravan certification and gas fitting services include:

  • New Vehicle LPG Installation

    We are licensed to install LP gas systems, hot water heaters, gas appliances, gas stoves, cooktops and other cooking accessories, adding extra luxury and comfort to your new caravan, motor home or camper van. Learn more.

  • Gas Certificates

    Buying or selling a caravan or RV? A current gas certifcate must be in place when its ownership is transferred. It is the seller's responsibility to obtain a gas certificate within the 3 months prior to the ownership transfer.

    Active Gas Services is licensed to issue caravan gas certificates to the Australian safety standard. As part of the certification we inspect and leak test your LP gas system and gas appliances for full compliance with all Australian caravan safety regulations. Learn more.

  • Gas Safety Inspections

    When was the last time you checked your LPG installation or appliances for leaks?
    Avoid caravan leaks and other preventable hazards. After an inspection from our licensed Brisbane gas fitters, you can travel in comfort and safety with extra peace of mind.

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